Rivera's Family Recipes — a centuries-old tradition from Mexico!

Rivera's Family Recipes History and Timeline.
Elia Rivera, Founder and CEO of Rivera's Mexican Foods, showing the new Rivera's Family Recipe Salsa.

Rivera's Family Recipe

Rivera’s Salsa is a family recipe. My Tia Juanita’s home in Monterrey, Mexico doubled as a café, where it seemed the whole neighborhood waited in line for crunchy tostadas topped with her delicious salsa. The recipe was her gift to me, but it was also part of a family legacy.

Melina's Salsa

I've always been a little shy. So, when it came time to "name" our salsa for store shelves, I chose the name of a favorite movie character: Melina. At first, we sold Melina's Salsa locally only in Omaha and Chicago. Over the years, we grew sales across several states and about 250 stores. But in 2021, we wanted to update our brand to reflect its family origin. 

Rivera's Salsa

The Rivera's name is as authentic as our salsa. These truly are family recipes, handed down through the generations and lovingly curated by many of us in the Rivera family tree.

Come, join the family!

Over the years, our "family" has grown even bigger as customers and friends share with us how much they love our salsa. We are thankful for the encouragement and support! And we enjoy learning all the many creative and delicious recipes made with Rivera's Salsa. So, please come and join the family!

Elia Rivera